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As a Cleveland Chiropractor, I Feel Your Pain...
I am no different than you. Nearly all forms of pain that walk into our Ohio chiropractic office every day I have experienced at one time or another. Neck spasm, headaches, low back pain as well as numbness and tingling are all health issues I have had to deal with. The biggest difference is, most likely, how I have chosen to resolve these chronic issues.
My first chiropractic experience was when I was 15 years old. My cousin is a chiropractor in Canton, OH where I grew up. Through summer sports and overuse I began experiencing severe neck pain that was so bad I could not turn my neck or pick up a baseball.
I went through the traditional forms of treatment including rest, ice and pain meds. Even medication my family doctor prescribed did not give relief. Then my dad took me to see my cousin. And while it was a very different experience than a traditional doctor visit I was amazed to feel relief almost immediately. Within just a couple of weeks I was back to full activity.
I continued to get periodic adjustments throughout high school and college. I found that for the periodic neck and low back aches as well as headaches there was nothing that worked better or gave more lasting relief. Even now I find that regular adjustments help me to maintain a level of relief while still being very active. In fact, getting adjusted is something our whole family looks forward to. It’s our first choice for Cleveland back and pain relief. 
-Dr. Bryan Regiec
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