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Our Patients Speak...
Life Saving - A Must Read!
I would just like to tell who ever reads this that Dr. Regiec saved my life.  If I hadn’t met him in the Giant Eagle on Pearl Road in Middleburg Heights, on April 7, 2004 and spoke to him about my back problems and taken him up on his "special evaluation” exam, I probably would not be here today.  

You see I had been having back and shoulder problems for a while.  When I spoke to Dr. Regiec and he told me about his evaluation exam – I though ‘why not’.  At least I’d find out what was wrong with my bones.  I had x-rays taken on April 12th for him to tell me of his findings.  Well you could have knocked me over when he told me that my back x-ray showed a shadow that he suspected was an aneurysm.  He told me that he was going to take my pictures over to the radiologist at Southwest Hospital and have him read the films. 

He called me about an hour later and told me that he had been right in his suspicions and that he had called my Primary Care Physician, who instructed him to tell me to go to the Emergency Room of my local hospital for a CAT scan.  

I did as I was directed and by April 17th, I was having surgery to remove an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm that measured 6.9 cm.  For the uninformed, doctors worry about aneurysms as they are a weakening of an artery and could cause death within hours if they ruptured.

So thank you Dr. Regiec for saving my life.  If it hadn’t been for your being in the Giant Eagle Supermarket that day – I might not be here to enjoy my grandchildren or my retirement.

Marilyn K.
Elbow Tendonitis & Athletes

I came into Dr. Regiec’s for pain in my elbow and tricep.  With only going for a couple weeks I learned stretches and techniques to give me flexibility.  With Dr. Regiec working on me and showing me the stretches, I am well on my way to being ready for next season.

Jon P.,
Pitcher for Kent State University,
Drafted by Milwaukee Brewers in 2009

Neck & Low Back Pain

I can’t say enough about Dr. Bryan. 

He explained my options and never pressured me during the decision making process.   I began feeling better and seeing positive results almost immediately.  Dr. Bryan is more than a credible doctor.  He genuinely cares about his patients and educates them every step of the way.  He even called me after my first treatment to see how I was feeling.

His right hand person, Amy is also very efficient and knowledgeable.  I can’t thank them enough for how they helped me!  I will go nowhere else.  I strongly recommend family and friends to see him.  He is the best! 

Deborah W.

I had suffered from very intense migraines for about a year and a half.  I was on blood pressure medicine that made the headaches manageable but never got rid of them.  I met Dr. Regiec at a fair on a day that I had a headache.  He explained what they do and I was very interested.  I have been working with him since then, about 10 weeks.  I have had one headache and am doing much better.  It’s great – give it a chance!

Lori H. 

I love to be involved in a lot of activities.  But if you don’t feel well it doesn’t let you participate.  See Dr. Regiec has helped me with my strength and endurance, feeling limber with less stress and tightness has lessened.  Walking with your head held back, thinking of your posture always!!

Joan C.

Low Back Pain

I came in with lower back pain that kept me from doing a lot of activities that I really enjoyed.  After one month in corrective care my lower back feels better than it has in about 4 years.  In addition, my neck is correcting and I didn’t even know it was a problem.

Dave S.

I have been to other Chiropractors before, but nothing seemed to help until seeing Dr. Regiec.  My biggest complaint before coming here was that I could not continue with gymnastics, but after beginning my treatments here I was able to start back up and do other activities I could not do before.

Megan M.


After years of dealing with almost daily headaches, sinus pressure, neck pain and a general feeling of not feeling well, I can definitely say that this course of treatment has made a significant difference.  I no longer wake each morning dreading the day because of the pain and discomfort I would usually have to endure all day.  For me, this is the best thing I’ve done. 

Cynthia N.

Everyone gets sick, colds, sinuses, etc.  I am no exception.  The only difference is that since Dr. Regiec introduced me to the Shaklee line of vitamins, and the immune complex, I have felt much better.  I know when I am getting a cold, but now a cold is just a day of sniffles and then it is gone.  

I hope that more people enjoy the benefit of these products.  I have Dr. Regiec to thank for my better well being.  Thanks Doc.

Ed C.
Cold and Flu

Before I came to see Dr. Regiec I was in terrible pain.  I had a sports injury while playing soccer and was sent to the hospital where they told me I was fine.  My back and neck pain built up through the soccer season.

Coming to see Dr. Regiec was probably one of the best decisions I could have made.  Now I feel great and my headaches and pain have gone away.  Coming into the office everyday was great because everyone there had such a great attitude and they were extremely kind.  

Dr. Regiec explained everything to me as we went along so that I understood what was happening.  I’m so happy that I have done this to improve my health.

Tori U.
Sports Related

Overall I feel so much better.  My neck use to bother me so much that I could not concentrate.  The best part of all this, was learning how my posture and day-to-day activities affected my neck and back.  I work at a computer all day and did not realize all of my “bad habits” with posture.  I am now more aware of my surroundings and pay better attention to my posture. Thank you!”

Bernadette T.

The Importance of Posture

I am 21 years old and work in a convenient store.  So many people say, “You are so young, how can you have problems?”. When I started here in October, I could barely get through a night of work, the neck pain was unbearable from looking down so much.  Now, I feel very little to no pain at all during my shift.  I hear so many people doubt chiropractors, but I would recommend everyone at least give it a try.  I did and I am glad.

Scott G.
I feel taller and straighter and my shoulders are going back more.  I use to have a pinch in my back, and it hurt a lot.  Now I do not have it.  

I really feel the doctor has really done wonders for my back.

Robin L.

Since I went to Dr. Regiec I have never felt better.  I was in a car accident in May of 2004 and I was in so much pain.  Going to see Dr. Regiec was the best decision I ever made for my health.

Dr. Regiec was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me in helping me feel better.  Not only did my back and shoulder get better, but so did my self-esteem.

Jenn Y.
Good For The Whole Family!

Overall I feel so much better.  My neck use to bother me so much that I could not concentrate. The best part of all this, was learning how my posture and day-to-day activities affected my neck and back.  I work at a computer all day and did not realize all of my “bad habits” with posture.  I am now more aware of my surroundings and pay better attention to my posture. Thank you!”

Bernadette T.

There is a tremendous change from my first appointment.  My pain from tennis elbow/ carpal tunnel was taking over my life – always in pain, always aware of the pain.  It was very difficult to perform the most basic of tasks; brushing my hair, my teeth, shifting gears in my car, etc.  Today is my last visit and I am virtually pain free, thanks to Dr. Regiec!  He has helped me with his chiropractic expertise, but has also taken the time to share his knowledge with me, so that I can continue to help myself!  I would highly recommend him.  He and his staff are very professional and accommodating.  Thanks to All!

Beverly R. 

I came to Dr. Regiec because the pain in my lower back was keeping me from running.  When he told me after looking at my x-rays just how bad the curve in my lower back and neck were, I was amazed.   But what was even more amazing was how positive he felt about not only being able to end my pain, but permanently changing the irregular curves that caused it!  Dr. Regiec helped me understand every step of the way how what he did would help and how what I did (or didn’t do) could make things better or worse.  He seems to genuinely want to give his patients not only a healthier spine, but the knowledge to lead an all around healthier life.  Since the treatment I’ve been able to increase my running distance and speed with no pain and I’ve become more aware of how my habits affect my health.  My final x-rays were proof that his methods really do work!

Miranda K. 

Chiropractic has made my arm feel much better.  Since coming to the chiropractor I have felt a great deal of improvement in the flexibility of my arm and the strength.  When I first started my arm was in bad shape and I had a lot of scar tissue in it.  But now it feels much better and I can throw harder and better than I did three weeks ago.  I am glad that I got chiropractic work on my arm and I am looking forward to being able to pitch!!!

Phillip E. 

Less pain and more fun.  Treatment has helped me to enjoy bicycling and pilates class with much less soreness afterwards.  

I still need to do things like maintain good posture and use a cold pack after a workout to keep healthy. 

Christine M.

I had been under chiropractic care for years previously before giving Dr. Regiec a try.  Due to pain, frustration, and generally just not feeling good, I made an appointment.  After x-rays, and my consult, I had decided to go through the program.  I learned very good, helpful stretch exercises, and within weeks I started to feel better.  We problem solved environment issues and corrected as much as possible.  It has been a wonderful experience working to restore good health with Dr, Regiec and I would highly recommend him!

Laura Lee H. 

I came to Dr. Regiec with lower back pain and numbness in my left leg.  With the first appointment I could feel improvements in both areas.  Over the next appointments, the pain was gone.  I learned methods of stretching and exercise to help me maintain the improvements.

Mark C.

When I first came in I had problems with my lower back I could not walk more than 100 feet without resting.  I could not bend over and pick things up off the floor without sitting down.  Now I can walk further and pick things up without holding on.  

There is a genuine caring here.  Everyone is really interested in how you are doing.  It is NOT a "how long can I keep this person coming so I get more money" attitude but rather a "how can we best help you get better in the most effective way" attitude.  

Karen K. 

Let me first say that I should have done this a long time ago. Bulging lower disks have caused me pain and aching for 20 years and greatly limited what I could do. In just a short couple of weeks, I am simply shocked and amazed at the difference. I put it throught a tough test with our recent snows and had no problems at all. I’m so glad (and so is my lower back) that I finally came in. Thanks Bryan!

William H.

When I first came to Dr. Regiec, I was so out of alignment and in so much pain, I thought I was headed for a wheelchair! But after eight week or so, Dr. Regiec had me back out hiking! I feel so much better and NO need for surgery. What a professional! Many thanks to Dr. Bryan and his staff!

Ed G.

Carpal Tunnel & Tennis Elbow

I was referred here by another patient who is also my massage therapist.  She thought that this was something that I should try, and that it would help with the lower back stiffness and pain I was having from time to time.  Since I have been a patient here my lower back problems have been greatly reduced.  And as a result of Dr. Regiec educating me on the reasons these problems occur; in the future I will be more aware of what to do to stay pain free.

Mark Word, 
Former Cleveland Browns Defensive End